Princess Castle Cake

05 Jan

It’s a new year, time for new resolutions again, and one that I made for myself was to actually attempt to write at least once a week about a cake that I have made recently. This week couldn’t be more perfect because along with the new year, it’s my daughters birthday!

This year for her birthday Alisha asked me for a castle cake, and while I have made castle cakes before, I knew that this time we would need a larger cake than we have before due to the size of the party, so I thought I would share my exploits in making a larger castle cake.

First I baked and then “dirty iced” all of my layers and tiers. This is a 3 tiered cake and each tier has 2 layers to it. 20130105_062444







Then I covered all 3 tiers with fondant:







And inserted some dowels into the bottom 2 tiers to help give the cake some support. Next I rolled out some fondant to cover the board with, I left the middle of the board empty because that’s where the cake (which is on another board anyways) is going to sit:







Then I started adding some color to my cake board. Since this is going to be a castle when it’s all done I wanted to make the board look like it was the grounds of the castle, so I added some green using my air brush:







Then some blue so that I could add on a moat:







Then some brown, and 2 more shades of green to make it look more like grass:

20130105_081832 20130105_081928 20130105_082305
















Then it was time for the cake, I put all 3 tiers on the board and piped a bead of frosting around the bottom of each one, to help hide the seams:20130105_082811












Then it was on to making the cake look more like a castle. Alisha wanted a very girlie, princessey type of castle so the first thing she asked for was pink. So I took a pink color from my air brush and added in a silver sheen color as well to help mellow out the pink some, and to give it a shine:

20130105_084037 20130105_084044











For the columns and turrets I took some icecream cones, and covered them in frosting, sprayed on a little color and attached them to the cake with a dowel rod through the bottom of the cones:

20130105_090411 20130105_091220











For the doors and windows I used those wafer cookies, used a graham cracker for the drawbridge and added some floral wire to make the chains. For the moat I took some clear piping gel, added some blue color and used an offset spatula to make it look like water on the board:







Then it was time for some princesses and some trees and voila! one complete cake:


It’s the perfect cake for a little princess’s birthday party. Alisha loved it and it took no time at all. I couldn’t have asked for a better project for my first blog back in months.

Thanks for reading and happy baking!

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