Peppermint Bark

12 Jan

So I know that the holidays are over, but this weekend I thought I would share with you a recipe that can bring the flavors that you love from the holidays to your house any day of the year. Peppermint bark is something that I actually hadn’t had before this last holiday season, so when I finally had some my first thought was of course “I can make that.” So I did. And now you can to.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Either a 9*9 baking pan or a 9*13 baking pan depending on how much bark you would like to make.

Aluminum foil

A microwave safe bowl

A spoon and rubber spatula

An offset spatula

Either 4 or 8 ounces depending on how large a pan of each white and milk chocolate.

And crushed up peppermint pieces- I’m using candy canes, but if they aren’t available peppermint candies work also.

Here’s what you need to do to make these yummy treats:

First you want to line your pan with the foil. The best way is to turn your pan upside down and line the outside of the pan and then flip the pan over and use the foil to line the inside of the pan.20130112_105931


Then you want to melt your milk chocolate. I’m using a 9*13 pan so I melted 8 ounces of chocolate. You want your chocolate to me smooth and creamy, and not chunky.


Using your offest spatula spread your melted chocolate into your now foil lined pan. Make sure you get as much of the chocolate out of the bowl as you can. (This is where the rubber spatula comes in)


Then put your pan into the fridge and let the chocolate harden. This will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

Next melt your white chocolate and stir it so that it is also chunk free and smooth.


Then add your peppermint pieces into your white chocolate:


And stir well. Using your offset spatula spread your white chocolate candy piece mixture ontop of your hardend milk chocolate:


Let that chill in the fridge until set (another 30 minutes to an hour.) Then take the whole sheet of foil out of the pan and start carefully peeling the foil off of the bottom of the chocolate.


Using a knife, start carefully cutting the bark into pieces:


Finally place your bark onto a serving tray and enjoy.


This peppermint bark can easily last a couple weeks in an airtight container and is so easy to make you can enjoy it year round.


Some tips for your own:

  • Make sure ALL your bowls and utensils you use are dry. Any water that gets into your chocolate can cause it to sieze up and will ruin your bark.
  • For easy breaking of your candy pieces use a sturdy rolling pin, a ziplock bag and a sturdy counter.
  • You can either mix the candy into the white chocolate or spread the chocolate out first and then sprinkle the candy immediately on the top. That is all personal preferance.
  • If you prefer a more creme de menthe flavor try using Ande’s mints instead. They give a great flavor but are smoother than using peppermint candies.

Until next time Happy Baking!





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