Castles Castles Everywhere!

14 Aug

I’m a writing putz. I told myself I would write weekly, and here we are 3/4 of the way into the year, and I have failed miserably at the whole writing weekly thing. So I thought I’d make it up to you all by writing on a topic that has been a HUGE request all year, Castles!

First it was for my lovely 8 year old daughter. Remember this one?

Then it was a very similar one for my cute little niece:


This one had these neat columns and turrets made from fondant, paper towel tubes, and ice cream cones. I saw a video on how to make them here.

The cute little crown, shoe, and “mini” castle were made using some fondant and some cute cookie cutters that I found at Michaels.

Then came the simple yet no less cute smaller castle version that was requested for my twin nieces who were turning one.


This was such a simple project to get to do. Just needed one castle cake pan, found at either Michaels, or here. Again I got the opportunity to use my princess cookie cutters, adding 3 crowns and 2 mini castles to tell the girls happy birthday. I also added a beaded ribbon around the tops of the crowns to make them looked jeweled.


Last, but certainly not least in the castles everywhere category was this “Castle for a King” that my little cousin asked me to make for him for his birthday.

This one actually posed a challenge since I had gotten used to making castles for princesses. I had to try and make it castle like, while making it “kingly.” What I achieved was this great little masterpiece:


As I leveled each layer of the cake so that it would stand flat, I saved the trimmings and kind of piled them into mounds around the outside of my cake board. This  helped achieve a more textured look to the land. Made it look more like it was actually in a real field, rather than a flat stretch of land.



The flag was a simple triangle shape that I made a template of using poster board.  Then I cut the triangle twice out of fondant, put some florist wire between the two triangles, for support, and to be able to attach it to the post later. I also made the flag look wavy by bending the wire before the fondant dried. This made it look like it was waving in the wind.



The towers were made the same way as the last princess castle I did, with the exception that I added the more realistic castle “pattern” if you want to call it that. I also added the same pattern to both of the castle layers themselves. Using the same pattern, I fashioned a kingly crown to give this castle even more of a kingly appearance.

Finally came my favorite part I think, the cool looking shields. These I just googled medieval shields, found one I liked, printed it out and used it as a template. Then just let the shields dry around some cups to give them the curved shape they have.

The moat is clear piping gel that was tinted blue, and then piped into the “moat.” After that it was just finishing touches to ensure that it had a very kingly castle feel. Needless to say my cousin was very happy with his cake.

At this point I’m all castled out for a while, but definitely can’t wait for my next big project…


Coming soon:

dun dun duuuunnnn

The Haunted House Cake, complete with graveyard, creepy trees, jack o lanterns, and real working lights! I’ll actually try to remember to take pictures of the whole process so you will be able to see how it all comes together.


Until next time,

Happy Baking!

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