Hylian Shield and Master Sword cake

21 Aug

Any Legend of Zelda fan is going to look at that title and drool. Drool? Maybe not, but they are going to be pretty happy to see the cake that follows at the end of this post.

Right after Skyward Sword came out, my youngest sister, who happens to be a Legend of Zelda fan, asked me to make her birthday cake. She told me she would have been happy with a simple triforce. But this is me and even though it would have been very simple and easy to do, I felt inclined to do a more challenging cake for her birthday.

Had I known then that I would be writing a how- to on my cakes, I would have taken more pictures of the steps that went into it, so let me apologize now, but I will try to give you as many step by steps as I can.

You will need a template and a picture of the Hylian Shield. Just enter Hylian Shield into Google and you will come up with hundreds of pictures of it. I guess Zelda is popular? The template you draw needs to be the size you want your finished cake to be.

Use your template to cut the cake into the shape of the shield. It doesn’t have to perfectly look like the shield, but the closer to the actual look, the harder it is to tell that it is make from cake.

“Dirty ice” your cake with buttercream, and then cover with fondant. (Dirty ice is what the pro’s call covering the cake with frosting to ensure the fondant sticks. It is also called a “crumb coat”)

This is where I wish I already had my airbrush, the colors would have been waaaaayyyyy better.

If you didn’t color the fondant first, mix some frosting colors with a little bit of clear tequila or some vodka, the cheaper ones are ok. There is also a powder you can find at Michaels that helps the alcohol evaporate quicker, but you don’t need to use it. Once you have your color mixed, use a big paint brush and start painting. Don’t press too hard or you will tear your fondant. (I actually did, you can see it in the pictures.)

This will be your result:


See, cracked fondant. I’ve learned since then but working with fondant takes a ton of practice.

Next using your template again, you are going to want to cut out the “trim” for the top of the shield, and then color it silver, wait for it to dry enough to touch without smearing, and then add it to your shield.

Also using fondant start making your decals. Add them to the shield in the same manor, color, dry, attach.



Here’s where I stopped taking pictures again. There is more fondant designs on the top left and right of the triforce. Also there is a bird- like design that is actually painted onto the shield. Be careful not to use too much color at once, or your color will run and smear.


The sword itself is made from rice crispy treats, some wooden dowels, some butter cream frosting, and some fondant. It wall all about squishing the cereal bars to make the sword shape, then adding the frosting and fondant, along with the dowels. (Sorry, I don’t have pictures for this step.)

The dowels need to be long enough that they can be inserted into the top and bottom of the shield, to make it look like the shield is sitting in front of the sword, like Link carries them in the game.

And here is finished product:



It was a huge hit, and made all the Zelda lovers in my family very happy. This was done a few years ago, and since then I have learned quite a bit more, so if I ever get the chance to do this particular one again, I will share with you updated photos so you can see how it looks using the new tools that have been added to my collection.

Hope you enjoyed the Hylian Shield cake as much as my sister did.

Until next time,

Happy baking!


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