Yoshi Cake

04 Nov

A while back my bestie asked me to make a cake for my “nephew’s” birthday. Of course I’m always happy to oblige. This year he wanted a Yoshi cake. But of course it’s not just any Yoshi cake, it had to be a blue Yoshi cake.

So after much perusing on the web I found a picture for a template. Using that picture you can draw out a template the size of the cake that you are making. Once you cut out the cake ( sorry forgot to take a picture of that step,) cover the whole thing with some frosting:


Next you are going to start covering it with different colors of fondant. First is red on his head, his mouth, and his shell. And some white where his eyes, cheeks, around his lower jaw, and the underside of his tail, along with his stomach:


Next is his shoes. Since it is a blue Yoshi his shoes are blue, but they can change based on what color Yoshi you are making. The soles of this pair of shoes happen to be yellow, so add that in there also:


Next step is some blue, blue, blue. Cover any area not yet covered in fondant in some blue:


Yoshi should be starting to come together now, but he’s still missing some important details. You need to blend the lines where the seams are very carefully, using your fingers to help smooth them together to make it seem as though they hardly exist.

To keep adding to those details, to make Yoshi look complete, pull out your black frosting color and a paintbrush. Very carefully add the rest of the details that Yoshi is missing. Details his fingers, add some pupils, the curves of his cheeks. Also around his shoes, and his belly, and his shell all need to be detailed.

And don’t forget his nostrils, cause even Yoshi needs to breathe.


Then it’s some cleanup work on his board using a damp paper towel. Not real wet, just slightly wet.

And here’s the final image:


Using the reflective board gives your cake the feeling of not being flat on one side.

So for all of your Yoshi loving kids, it’s a great way to appease the masses.

Do you have your own version of the Yoshi cake that you’d like to share? Post it below. I’d love to stop by and check it out!

Until next time,

Happy baking!

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