Making a mountain cake

09 Nov

A while back I got the joys of making my first mountain cake.


What a mountain of a project that was. Between having to figure out the size of the cake, and the way a mountain should look, and of course having a road for the cars that were provided it was a big task. Here’s how I made it through and so can you!

Some things to consider before you start your mountain- what size cake do you need? How many people are you planning on feeding, and do you want leftover cake? Wilton has an easy to use guide for cutting cakes, and you can easily use it to determine how many slices you will get out of a cake. This works if you plan on serving smaller pieces of cake. Find the guide here. If you don’t plan on serving smaller pieces, then move on along to the next steps.

Also consider the size of the board you are using. If you have a larger board, consider what other details you would like to have on your cake. If you are using a smaller board, then you probably won’t need to worry about the extra details.

To begin with the mountain cake I made some trees. Now for a mountain you really want some evergreen type trees. I looked it up on Youtube and found a great video how-to on evergreen trees. This is a great start for your trees and will help make them look plastic like.

20121130_204854 20121130_204907

Following the same video instructions add some white to make them look snow covered. Then add a little bit of shimmer to make them shine like the snow is fresh.

(I do apologize- I made this before I was writing how- to’s so I don’t actually have step by step pictures of the whole process.)

Decorate your board first to look like landscape- If you are using a board big enough for those details that is. If you would like to see more detailed instructions look back at my castles tutorials. You can see full step by step there.

Once you have your landscape on your board, stack and cover your cakes with your frosting. Trim them down to the shape you would like and cover them with a bit more frosting then your fondant.

Decorate your cake with the colors you desire- the more browns and greens you use the more mountain like your cake will become.

Add your trees- and step back to admire your work.

I have tons of pictures of the finished product to share with you to help make up for the lack of how to pictures I had.




And more pics:







So if you want a mountainous adventure of a cake- try to make a mountain cake! Do you have a variation that you’ve done? Post a link in the comments below. I’d love to stop by and see it.

Until next time,

Happy Baking!

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