More than just baking? Maybe soon!

14 Nov

Being a manager in a restaurant, a full time mom and wife, it’s hard to find time to do the things that I enjoy. Recently I’ve realized that even though I love to bake, and to decorate cakes, I just don’t have the time in the day to do those enough to write about them weekly. Not to mention living a healthier lifestyle, I don’t bake as often- what better way to gain weight back than to eat the yummy things that I bake. So we just don’t keep them in the house very often.

What I have also realized is that I’m working on TONS of other projects that could easily be things that the other hardworking women in the world would love to know how to do. Recently I finished a chair re-upholstery project that had I not seen online myself how to do it, I would have had to pay WAY more than I did to get it done. This got me thinking about all of the other sewing and organizing projects that I do around the house and take into work as well.

I already share a lot of what I do for work with the other stores in our organization, so why can’t I do the same thing at home? Why can’t I take my knowledge of all these different skills and share them with other people who are interested? Everyone is looking for a way to do different things around the house, to make life easier. And if everyone is like we are, they are looking for a way to do it without breaking the bank.

So I’m considering after the new year of putting together a second blog- one for all of my other projects, one separate from Baking Memories. I’d still be posting all of my cake projects on Baking Memories, but I’d use the other one for everything else. Healthier dinner recipes that taste like they came premade, sewing how tos, upholstery projects. You name it, I will try it.

I’d love some input from my friends and followers here on Baking Memories. What do you all think? Is it something you all would be interested in reading? If so what types of things would you like to see me post?  Let me know below, your input is important to me.

I’m looking forward to your input.

Until next time,

Happy baking!



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Posted by on November 14, 2013 in Cakes


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