Turkey Cake Balls! Part 1

25 Nov

It’s turkey time! Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and as such it is my “bakecation” week.

What this means for you all is that I have TONS of new desserts going on in my kitchen this week, and that means there are many new posts and how tos for you. I thought I’d start with the most time consuming one,

Cake Ball Turkeys!


How adorable are those? They are a fan favorite, but of all the cake ball variations I know and/ or have done, they certainly take the longest. Because they are more time consuming than the other variations, I’m breaking them down into two different posts. So today it is all about making their tails.

To make these you will need:


Candy melts in yellow, orange, and red. Also some milk chocolate.

Don’t have the candy melt colors available? No worries, you can also use white chocolate and dye it the right colors with these awesome candy colors. These are found at any craft store with a candy decorating aisle, such as Hobby Lobby


You will also need some squeeze bottles like so:


And a turkey feather tail pattern. Your pattern will vary in size based upon how big of a cookie scoop you are using. The bigger the scoop the bigger the feather you will need.


Each tail takes 5 feathers to make. So if you know already how many cake balls your scoop makes- mine make 90! go ahead and do the math to figure the number of feathers you will need. Then add AT LEAST 10 of each color to account for accidental breakage. It happens. I made 136 of each color- so 544 feathers! Don’t fret you might not need them all.

To begin this place your pattern under some parchment paper. Put your chocolate into your squeeze bottles, melt and you are ready to begin.

These are really easy to make they are just time consuming.

Just follow the outline of your pattern with the tip of your bottle:


And fill in. It’s like coloring a picture:


No squeeze bottle? No problem. Just add your candy melts to a ziplock bag:


And melt:


Then just snip off a TINY part of the corner and use it like a piping bag:


Once you have filled your parchment with tail feathers


Put them someplace cool to set up. I prefer my fridge, but if your area is like Missouri right now- I.e. cold and chilly, you can put them on a table next to a window. Just don’t leave your feathers anywhere warm to set up, they will break.


After 5 – 10 minutes they will be ready to remove from the baking sheet. You can tell if they are ready by lifting up on one side of the sheet. If they easily slide off they are done.

DSCF6320 DSCF6321

See they will just fall into a nice little pile.

Do this will all 4 of your colors.

Once you are done with all of your colors go ahead and get an area ready for assembly.


That’s a lot of feathers….

Pick 5 and lay out on an empty sheet of parchment. Have a squeeze bottle of brown ready to use as “glue”


On whatever feather you pick to be the middle on, add a line of chocolate about 1/2 way up both sides:


Then attach two feathers, one to each side. Just line up the edges, and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. These are meant to be unique to each turkey.


Then on the outside edge of the two new feathers, add another line of chocolate about 1/2 way up.


Attach your two outside feathers:


And that’s it. One complete turkey tail. Repeat the above assembly steps until you have more than enough tail feathers for your turkeys.


It doesn’t hurt to have extra tails. Nor does it hurt to have extra feathers. If you have extras left you can always use them as part of your display in the end. Kids love eating the leftover feathers.

When you are all done you should have an army of tails ready for attachment to their turkeys:


Be on the lookout tomorrow for the rest of the steps for making those adorable turkeys.

Until next time,

Happy Baking!

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