Skylanders Portal Cake

01 Dec

Recently I was asked by one of my nephews to make a Skylanders cake for his birthday. Have you seen them? They are these toys that you use with your gaming system. They set on these portals and you use them as characters in the game.

Of course I told him that I’d make his cake, because he just loves his Aunt Chani’s cakes. The problem arose when I was handed this robot looking thing, with no knowledge of this game at all- the only character I know is Spyro. When I asked him what he wanted for his cake, I got told the portal. So today I bring you,

How to make a portal for the Skylanders out of cake.

Start with whatever sized cakes you are planning on using- baked, leveled, filled, stacked, and covered:

DSCF6558 DSCF6559

I just covered them with frosting, don’t mess with a fondant layer because you are going to use little fondant pieces for this cake instead.

Using a grey piece of fondant, cut it into strips, and then into pieces to resemble stones:

DSCF6565 DSCF6566

You only want them to be tall enough to cover half of the side of the cake. Then start pressing them into the frosting on the sides of the cake:

DSCF6567 DSCF6568 DSCF6569

Now make more strips of the grey, but this time slightly thicker, and square vs. rock like. Attach them to the top of the cake and slightly down the side, to overlap what you already added to the cake:

DSCF6570 DSCF6571 DSCF6572

Set aside your remaining grey, and roll out some yellow into a circle big enough to meet up with the grey pieces on the top of the cake:


Don’t worry about the overlap, we will cover it in a minute.

Still using your yellow, cut out a very thin strip to put along the bottom of the cake

DSCF6574 DSCF6575

Now using the grey you set aside, cut a thin piece out to use for the overlap on the top and hide the edges there:

DSCF6576 DSCF6577

Next for the runes. If you look at these portals there are runes on the sides of them. 8 runes to be exact so you will need some of these:

skylanders runes

I just printed mine out to use as templates.

Using the grey again, roll out a piece, and set your template on top of it:


Then using a knife, cut out the run itself into your grey fondant:


Trim your grey down in size to more of a rectangle:


Then using a paintbrush and some water, paint a bit of water around the rune, on the back, and stick a thin piece of yellow fondant onto it:

DSCF6582 DSCF6583 DSCF6584

Then paint around the rest of the edges with some water, and turn your fondant over, and stick it to your cake, lining the top edge up with the top ring on the cake:

DSCF6585 DSCF6586

Once you have all 8 runes attached it’s time for some clean up work. Using a thin paint brush and some black frosting colors I added some “cracks” to each of the “stones” I also traced around each rune to make them stand out a little:

DSCF6587 DSCF6588 DSCF6589

Since I was given a “tech” Skylander, and I knew that we weren’t going to have enough cake, I went ahead and made another cake into a gear, to set the portal onto.

To make a gear take a cake that is larger than your portal, and using a cookie cutter, cut a gear shape all around the outside of the cake:

DSCF6561 DSCF6562 DSCF6563 DSCF6564

And pull off those edges. Now just cover the cake with some frosting, and some fondant, then spray it black.


That’s it. Then put your portal on top of your gear, add your Skylander to the top and you are all done!
DSCF6597 DSCF6598 DSCF6599 DSCF6600 DSCF6601

And there you have it. A Skylanders Portal Cake.

Definitely not the prettiest cake ever, but considering the fact that the portals are simple in design, it doesn’t have to be super pretty.

So if you have a Skylander fan in your house consider making a Skylanders portal cake!

Until next time,

Happy Baking!


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