Snowmen Cake Balls!

18 Jan

I don’t know about where everyone else is, but here in good ole Mid Mo it’s cold and dreary, and many days snowy. We recently got stuck in the middle of the “polar vortex” and spent 3 days in negative temps. It was rough.

But in the midst of it all we had one day warm enough for the kids to make a snowman. Which of course brought me back to the snowmen I made out of cake balls right before Christmas.

So today I bring you the how to on snowmen cake balls!


How adorable are these? And they are super easy to make!

All you are going to need are some cake balls dipped in white chocolate. Some orange candy melts, some black candy melts, some black food coloring, and some miniature marshmallows.

That’s it. And here’s how to make them:

First start with your mini marshmallows. You want to dip them into some black candy melts. I found the best way to do this was to poke them with the tip of a skewer, dip them into the chocolate, and then ” spin” the marshmallow over some parchment, so that the marshmallow falls off of the skewer and lands on its flat end on the parchment. If the marshmallow doesn’t fall off you can gently use a spoon to ease it off of the skewer.

20131221_104116 20131221_104121 20131221_104137 20131221_104144 20131221_104210 20131221_104156

Let the marshmallows dry. While they are drying put some faces on your snowmen heads. Start with the orange in a squeeze bottle, and give them each a nose. You want your chocolate to slightly cool before you start or your noses will fall before they set up.


Then using a small paintbrush or a toothpick dipped into the black food coloring, make dots onto your snowmen faces making the eyes and a mouth. The dots make the snowmen look like they have coal making up their facial features.


Let your faces dry, and now it’s time to make the brims of your hats, and attach them to the marshmallows.

Using a squeeze bottle with some black candy melts in it make some large dots, bigger than the base of the marshmallows and press your marshmallows into them, making it look like hats.

20131221_194746 20131221_194759 20131221_194812

Let those dry then using some chocolate attach the hats to your snowmen heads. Once they are all dry you will have these adorable snowmen cake balls!


How cute!

So when winter gets you down, take the winter blues into your own hands and make some indoor snowmen.

Until next time,

Happy Baking!

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