Why you shouldn’t “pamper” your left handed kids.

03 Mar

This is a far cry from the topics I normally write about here at Baking Memories, but it is definitely something that time and time again I feel needs to be talked about, and became again a topic of discussion at the breakfast table in my household that has 1 righty and 1 lefty.

That’s right I have the best of both worlds in my kiddos.

Now right handers make up a whopping 90% of the worlds population, so of course everything is tailored to the righthanders. If you are a southpaw like my hubs, my son and myself, (poor Alisha all by her lonesome with her righty-ness) then you are one of the 10% who are also a southpaw and therefore are stuck living in- let’s face it- an unforgiving right handed world.

Thirty some years ago, people believed that they could “cure” being a lefty by forcing you to use your right hand. (They actually tried with me I am told, right up until my dad told them no.)

Everything is designed for a righty, from baseball gloves, to scissors, to even the kitchen implements. I’m in the kitchen a lot, and all of my liquid measuring cups growing up only had markings on the “right” side of them. Thank goodness they were clear right? Wrong, 7 out of the 9 people in my house growing up were righties which meant that I learned how to use a measuring cup with my right hand.

Scissors forget about it, we didn’t have lefty scissors in our house. In fact I didn’t own my first pair of left handed scissors until last Christmas when I got a pair of left handed quilting shears from my mom. I’m almost 30 so for the last 30 years it was right handed everything,

Kids need to learn that in a right handed world, things aren’t made for lefties. If you start now pampering your kids with left handed tools just for them, they won’t be able to cope in a real life setting- at school with right handed desks and notebooks, at work when 90% of the employees are righties and therefore nothing is for a lefty like the scissors and can openers- depending on the jobs. To their own home when they find it is extremely difficult to find left handed items without perusing the internet to find just the right pair of scissors, or measuring cups, or even that blasted hand held can opener.

Kids need to learn that yes they are different being lefties and no the world doesn’t cater to them, but they are extremely lucky being a lefty. It’s been proven that lefties are more musically inclined, and you need both hands to play and instrument so they are on an even playing fields there. Lefties are more inclined to be better at math so another plus there.

So they are already ahead in multiple fields of life, they just have to be able to adapt outside their house in the other aspects of life. If you pamper them at home with special gadgets as kids that are made just for lefties it will drive them nuts in the real world. This can be a cruel and unforgiving world, especially if you don’t fit into the norm, and if you can’t adapt it’s even worse.


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2 responses to “Why you shouldn’t “pamper” your left handed kids.

  1. Lina

    March 3, 2014 at 7:26 am

    You use scissors with your right hand? I can’t do that! I wasn’t catered either, but I could never learn to do that with my righty. I would hurt myself. So some things are there for a reason. I do agree, though, that we shouldn’t give the lefties too many options (ex, with computer mouses and guitars). It’s kind of like being a short person in a tall world. We have to learn to adapt.

    • bakingchani

      March 3, 2014 at 8:10 am

      I use righty scissors in my left hand… Never had lefty scissors in our house. But exactly, I use the mouse with my right hand, if we cater too much to our lefty kids, school will be hard for them


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