Some of the best memories I’ve made all started in the kitchen, usually with some baked good. From learning to bake bread with my dad, to decorating cakes with my cousin, to doing arts and crafts with my kids there was usually some kitchen involvement.

Baking Memories is a way to showcase some of those crafts, baked goods, even cake decorating how- to’s that will help the everyday parent. No need to spend loads of money on something that you can make for a fraction of the cost.

I’ll showcase ideas from Pinterest, ideas that are brought to me from other bloggers, even those that I’ve come up with myself. There will be recipes for desserts, dinner, snacks, even some jams, jellies, and some different types of “butters” for you to learn how to DIY.

These recipes will be all natural, so no artificial flavors or preservatives. They’ll be much healthier for you than buying them from the store.

The crafts will be kid friendly, and easy enough that anyone can do them.

So if you want to embrace your baking, crafting, cooking side this is your place to get started.

Welcome to the Baking Memories family!


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