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How to peel tomatoes like a pro!

How to peel tomatoes like a pro!

Peeling tomatoes. Seems like a nightmarish chore right? I mean really, a recipe calls for peeled seeded tomatoes and I used to just groan, and find an easier solution. But I’m getting into making some more homemade foods, like salsas and I can’t just skip the peeled tomato step anymore. So I thought before I shared with you how to make the salsa I would share with you how to peel and seed the tomatoes that go into the salsa. Because lets face it, we don’t want those pesky skins mucking up our hard work.

So today I bring you how to peel tomatoes like a pro!

I’ve done loads of research and this is the easiest method I could find. Yes it takes a few steps, but it is sooo simple you will be going, “now why haven’t I tried this before?”

You will need a pot of boiling water, a bowl of ice water, a paring knife, and of course your tomatoes.

And here’s how you do it:

First, make sure you remove any stems that your tomatoes might have:


Then flip your tomato over and make an x in the bottom with your paring knife. It doesn’t need to be a deep x, just enough to pierce the skin:

DSCF6869 DSCF6870

Then one by one, drop your tomatoes into the boiling water, make sure the x is submerged, count to 10 slowly, and then remove the tomato and quickly dip it into the ice water:

DSCF6872 DSCF6873

Let the tomato cool, and then remove from the ice water. Then using your paring knife start at the x and carefully peel the skin away. It’s that easy!


(I didn’t even use the knife most of the time, just my fingers. The skin came right off.)

It took a matter of minutes to do all of my tomatoes like this. Minutes! It was faster than peeling a potato. Really.

Somewhere near the end I pulled a tomato out of the ice water and it looked like this:

DSCF6875 DSCF6876

Look at that, the skin just pulled away itself. Ideally that’s what you want to see, but if your tomatoes don’t do that, don’t worry. This is the only one out of 8 that did this.

When you are done you have these beautifully peeled tomatoes, and it was really simple.

To core and seed these all you have to do is cut into wedges:


(Look at those beautiful tomatoes with no skin!)

Slide your paring knife between the flesh of the tomato and the core, below the seeds:


Cut from one end to the other, and remove the core.


I saw this chef core his tomatoes a different way- check it out here. This method is actually faster to core your tomatoes, however it’s really hard to do and photograph at the same time. Sorry guys:(

And that’s it! Super easy to peel and core and seed your tomatoes. So now when your recipe calls for it you don’t have to be afraid of how difficult it is, because now it isn’t. Stay tuned for an easy salsa recipe that you can use these beautifully peeled tomatoes for.

Do you have a favorite method? Have you used this method before? Which method is your favorite? Let me know below!

Until next time,

Happy cooking!

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