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Catching up!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute and apologize for my absence, my poor computer is on the fritz, but will be working soon. I have some great posts coming up that I wanted to give you a sneak peak at:

First if you enjoyed my polymer clay jelly roll beads, you’re going to love the tute for a diy polymer clay flower cane.

Also I have some great Easter themed mason jar gifts that I saw on Pinterest, I well give you the original link when we get to making them.

There is also a great Easter kitkat cake that I’m making that you all will love.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I am introducing soon another crafter who is going to help take baking memories to the next level, along with some guest posts!

All that coming very soon I promise!

Until next time,
Happy baking and crafting!

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Why you shouldn’t “pamper” your left handed kids.

This is a far cry from the topics I normally write about here at Baking Memories, but it is definitely something that time and time again I feel needs to be talked about, and became again a topic of discussion at the breakfast table in my household that has 1 righty and 1 lefty.

That’s right I have the best of both worlds in my kiddos.

Now right handers make up a whopping 90% of the worlds population, so of course everything is tailored to the righthanders. If you are a southpaw like my hubs, my son and myself, (poor Alisha all by her lonesome with her righty-ness) then you are one of the 10% who are also a southpaw and therefore are stuck living in- let’s face it- an unforgiving right handed world.

Thirty some years ago, people believed that they could “cure” being a lefty by forcing you to use your right hand. (They actually tried with me I am told, right up until my dad told them no.)

Everything is designed for a righty, from baseball gloves, to scissors, to even the kitchen implements. I’m in the kitchen a lot, and all of my liquid measuring cups growing up only had markings on the “right” side of them. Thank goodness they were clear right? Wrong, 7 out of the 9 people in my house growing up were righties which meant that I learned how to use a measuring cup with my right hand.

Scissors forget about it, we didn’t have lefty scissors in our house. In fact I didn’t own my first pair of left handed scissors until last Christmas when I got a pair of left handed quilting shears from my mom. I’m almost 30 so for the last 30 years it was right handed everything,

Kids need to learn that in a right handed world, things aren’t made for lefties. If you start now pampering your kids with left handed tools just for them, they won’t be able to cope in a real life setting- at school with right handed desks and notebooks, at work when 90% of the employees are righties and therefore nothing is for a lefty like the scissors and can openers- depending on the jobs. To their own home when they find it is extremely difficult to find left handed items without perusing the internet to find just the right pair of scissors, or measuring cups, or even that blasted hand held can opener.

Kids need to learn that yes they are different being lefties and no the world doesn’t cater to them, but they are extremely lucky being a lefty. It’s been proven that lefties are more musically inclined, and you need both hands to play and instrument so they are on an even playing fields there. Lefties are more inclined to be better at math so another plus there.

So they are already ahead in multiple fields of life, they just have to be able to adapt outside their house in the other aspects of life. If you pamper them at home with special gadgets as kids that are made just for lefties it will drive them nuts in the real world. This can be a cruel and unforgiving world, especially if you don’t fit into the norm, and if you can’t adapt it’s even worse.


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Why I’m on a weight loss journey…

When I first started this blog, it was all about baking, and cakes. Those who know me know that I can talk cake all day long if I’m allowed. But what you probably don’t know is that I struggle with wanting to bake, when I know that with all those yummy sweets in the house, it’s just temptation overload. Who can resist some fresh baked chocolate cake, or a yummy cheesecake? It’s hard.

So I branched out into doing crafts and fun projects of that nature to help fill in the void from when I’m not baking. But now today I bring you the real reason why I don’t bake all the time, why I struggle with wanting sweets in the house, and why I am bringing you posts that focus on healthier muffins instead of cakes.

20140122_065920 20140122_065907

That’s me….

Well let’s clear this up, that’s me in 02. I weighed 115lbs and was in great physical shape.

Pretty good right?

Well this is me now:


At the time of this picture my weight was 179. See the disappointment on my face? Yeah that’s because I’m not happy with myself. Last September, I started this journey along with my sister in law from Eccentric Chai At my heaviest I weighed 186…. Sad to say.

I’m not going to lie, watching my sister in law with her pregnancy was hard for me. She’s one of those women who when pregnant look like she just took a ball and put it under her shirt. I swear. It was disheartening for me because with my son I put on weight EVERYWHERE… not just my belly, but everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, Lina’s amazing, she’s a wonderful mom, a great writer, and a great photographer. She’s even branched out into her own baking, and I may have some competition there too. She’s wonderful. But I couldn’t help but be jealous when she started her journey and only had 10 pounds to loose. I have 50 to go yet to be at an ideal weight for my height and age.

But with the encouragement of my sister I lost 10 pounds! And then put 3 back on, but I was on my way.

Then right before Christmas I found this great community of women, some moms, some not, but all who shared a common goal. To get in shape and be “bikini body mommies” The founder of this program lost 100 pounds herself, and is helping to inspire other women to be better. With this community I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what time of day exercise, only that you do. It doesn’t matter that on your first day of each new week you totally suck at the workouts, because hey, by then end of the week, you kicked that Monday’s workout in the ass!

These women have shown me that you can be total strangers, and still have someone push you everyday to be better than the day before. I’ve also learned that it’s not too late to start a transformation of your own. Brianna has a challenge going right now, but she encourages people to start on day 1, day 8, day 15, whenever you feel comfortable.

With the help of Lina and all the ladies on the bikini body mommy challenge I’m confident that my reasons for wanting to loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle will be encouraged. I have 3 great reasons for wanting to be healthier.

alisha in june wyatt in june family

My 2 beautiful kids, and my wonderful husband. I want to be able to do things with them, to keep up with them and I can’t do that if I’m out of shape.

So as of today I’m down 12.2 pounds, and 13 inches from all over, which is a great start. I’m going to keep going to hit my goal weight, and I hope I can share the rest of my journey with you all.

Are you on a journey? Are you ready to share? Post links to your journey below, and I will follow along with you and help provide some encouragement along the way!

Good luck!



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