What should I bake next?

With all the great ideas floating around on Facebook and Pinterest there is no end to the possibilities of what can be done. I’d love to do a how to on every single one of them, but I’d rather know what you my followers would like to see me do.

I will pick one idea a week and bake the dessert, take the pictures and write the how to, so that it is as easy as pie for you to take that recipe and make it yourself. I will include best bets for each recipe and if I learn what not to do, because trial and error are parts of baking I will include those as well.

Also while you are here, I’d love it if you would leave a comment telling me what brought you to Baking Memories, and a link to your blog as well, so I can pop over and check it out.

Keep those ideas coming.

Happy Baking.


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